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Firm Mission
The Firm is committed to proudly serving Florida's workers and small businesses.

Practice Overview

I proudly represent both employers and employees. As a solo practitioner, my clients have direct, unfettered access to me as your Florida employment attorney. This is a different concept than what you will find in larger law firms or many other solo practitioners. I believe that this type of access is something my clients should expect from their attorney. I also understand that my clients have busy lives and respect their time as precious.

Commitment to a Discrimination and Harassment Free Workplaces

The ultimate goal of most employees and employers is to rectify the immediate disruptions to the workplace for both parties. Prolonged Litigation, hostility and excessive legal costs are never a part of either party’s desired outcome. At the end of the day, the plaintiff wants to continue to work and receive a living wage for his or her job. My clients tend to take pride in what they do and are generally looking for opportunities for advancement and continuing to provide for their families.

Commitment to Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) through the EEOC provide many of my clients on both the employer and employee side with the opportunity to investigate and settle claims amicably. As a Florida employment lawyer, I am a firm believer in working with the other party and EEOC investigative team to determine the appropriate outcome for both parties. Where mediation breaks down, I prepare my client to go to trial and protect and affirm their rights. Litigation is a costly and time-consuming process that requires a commitment to excellence.

Commitment and willingness to Litigate

ADR is not always a potential outcome in every legal issue. Parties may disagree or be unwilling to settle or too far apart to reach an agreement. I will always place my clients with the best possible position in case of litigation. Where I represent the plaintiff as a Florida employment lawyer, my clients will make the decision whether we go to trial and I will prepare diligently for potential litigation from the moment we start the free consultation.

Employment Law

Assisting employers and employees in creating strong, focused entrepreneurial work environments that are compliant with state and federal law.

Wage and Hour Law

Representing Florida’s employees and employers in State and Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and Florida Minimum Wage Act litigation.

Landlord/Tenant Law

Protecting the rights of both Landlords and Tenants under Florida Law from lease drafting and review to the eviction hearing process.

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